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Competent Care Home Health’s Palliative Home Nurses provides comfort and support for terminally ill patients throughout the many stages of their illness. Our certified Palliative Care Nurses work on a team with the patient’s family, doctors and other clinicians to serve as a medical advocate and ensure that all medical recommendations and necessities are being met and executed.

The Palliative Nurses at Competent Care Home Health help to ensure that patient’s terminal needs are being met and they work to create the most comfortable environment and experience for the remainder of the patient’s life. The Palliative Nurses at Competent Care Home Health provide a level of comfort to the patient and their family that could not be possible in a hospital situation. At-home personal care and pain management can be provided for the remainder of the patient’s life. Having a Palliative Nurse from Competent Care Home Health available, will help to reduce anxiety levels for both patients and family members coming to terms with the expectation of death.

Competent Care Home Health Nursing also provides Palliative Nurses for patients who have chronic diseases. Our registered nurses can help to improve the quality of life for the patient. With an experienced nurse around, the patients are relieved to know that they are not a burden for their loved ones and that their medical necessities are being tended to.